We’re Thru

Time slip beneath no wind as the purple star shaped petals glisten Voices can be heard within the hollow air The clouds hold heavy as it grew by the minute A distance cry begins to rumble as the smell of tears begin to fill the air Light-hearted uneasy feeling sore will above me Pain surface … More We’re Thru

I am Happy

I am happy for I have dream To meet my faultless princess Where my shackle eye’s will be hung for you Because only you gave me glamorous life My hands of scar will be healed Only when the lavish princess allows to meet To call to hear the nerves Breathe of Sodom… For our time … More I am Happy

One Sided

One sided… Could it mean the spark? To be busy to a point That couldn’t be announced Plucking petals from a darken crispy rose Only then will a forest catch fire   One sided… Could it mean the dream? An overgrown rusty saw poisoned Creating deform visual buried beneath World vomit tears upon the sky … More One Sided

Bloody Truth

To whom I will seek That knows the bloody truth When roses aren’t always red Nor, Violet will always be blue To be cliché as two roads diverged in a yellow wood, And sorry I could not chose a greater poem Which, could have made all the difference As the lives of Romeo and Juliet … More Bloody Truth